Széchenyi 2020

Environmental protection

Our values to be preserved

It has been recognized that to do for nature protection, to preserve our environmental values by planning, developing and innovation is very important. The purpose of the Operative Programme for Environment Protections and Energy Efficiency (Környezeti és Energiahatékonysági Operatív Program KEHOP) is that economic growth based on high value-added production and job enlargement would harmonize with human life and environmental protection considering long run changes.

Passive house for everyone!

The project of the Debrecen University funded by the EU wanted to form the view concerning sustainable development. They built a novel 300 quadrat meter complex, the energy need of which – as a result of the effective use of renewable energy – is near to zero. Buildings themselves are the largest energy consumers and at the same time the largest environment polluters. So the purpose of the project leaders was proved with the building of the passive house that with greater attention it is possible to build houses with minimal energy use. The building was formed to present the influence of the different renewable energy types in the certain showrooms.

Using solar energy – with excellent efficiency

A novel equipment was created by the Gift Energy Ltd with an EU fund, which was missing from Hungarian market. This equipment produces hot water and electricity from solar energy with the help of solar cells. The real challenge for the firm was to make an equipment of much better efficiency than the existing systems. They were successful in providing the equipment for regulated heating and cooling. The major purpose of the development was to use effectively nature without being harmful for it.

Gyula baths

The bath protecting nature

In the last few years the town of Gyula got into the ten most visited resorts of Hungary. The Castle Baths and Spa had an important role in this. This was the reason of making the decision of enlarging it with a family wellness bath. The reconstruction supported by EU fund enlarged the water surface with 900 quadrat meters. Beside the Gyula baths and spa became the greenest one in Hungary, as for the greater part of heating renewable energy was used.

Doing for the environment

The project of the Fonolit Ltd active in the fields of the renewable energy sources was supported by EU fund. They built a new plant providing suitable surroundings for their pellet making machines, producing their major products. As the plant's energy need was high, the owners considered it very important to use renewable energy sources in the highest possible extent, so the investment built out a solar cell system.

1319 billion forints for environment protection programmes financed by EU

Bár sokszor tudomást sem veszünk róluk, környezeti értékeink minden pillanatban megérdemlik az óvó figyelmet. Az itt is bemutatott projektek bizonyítják: a gazdasági fejlődés és az innováció igenis megfér a környezetvédelemmel.