Széchenyi 2020

Business development

Successful family enterprises

Until recently many of the small family enterprises could be developed and even enter the international market as a result of the EU support and funding programmes. Their success is a proof of high and persistent demand of high quality products inland and in Europe.

The revival of a legend

"Taking care of a legend is great responsibility" – admits Péter Csóll. The manager of Stühmer Ltd revived in 2005 the first Hungarian chocolate factory established in 1868 by Friedrich Stühmer confectioner from Hamburg, Germany. He purchased the Stühmer sweetshops in the centre of the town of Eger, and the name itself, then opened the first factory in Novaj. He is proud of the taste and quality of their sweets recalling the original Stühmer-period and not the socialist time mass product. Following his last EU application, the factory in Maklár was developed with the newest equipment.

Péter Csóll

Constant development is needed

Detki Biscuit Ltd has been present in Hungarian market for 30 years. During this time the firm constantly developed, using their expertise to remain competitive. As it was impossible to create the necessary measures on their own, successful EU applications were a great help for them. As a result of them they could increase productivity and the number of workers, they were turned to be cost-efficient and started manufacturing new products.

Olga Pavlova

International results

Kovács Ltd, established in 1993 was grown from a small family enterprise to one taking part in international commerce, in which EU funds had an important role. Today the firm has 500 workers, its profile is metalworking on two major fields: coining and cutting. Two generations of the founding family are producing fittings for car industry both at home and abroad, with the help of a group of engineers.

Kovács Ltd

100 percent hungarian

Naturtex Ltd with a history of more than 25 years has a profile of producing duvets and pillows filled with different natural and synthetic materials. The family enterprise is in 100 percent Hungarian ownership, has an important role in Hungarian market and sells 700 different products of high quality and excellence in 40 countries. Today almost 80 percent of the income is provided by export. Constant development is necessary to be able to stay in competition with strong and famous Western-European firms. Naturtex Ltd had several successful investments in the last few years helped by EU funds. Most of them was used for capacity growth and modernization, but they had investments on the fields of energetics and informatics as well, serving cost efficient production and better competitiveness.

Naturtex Ltd

Hungarian development successful abroad

Schriffert Commercial Bt. originally active in retail, following its start in 2000 developed its own preheater. Although it was first made only for own use, since then production has started and they are present now on Estonian, Lithuanian and Polish markets. Their example is proving that home firms have the potential to be successful abroad as a result of their own ideas and developments. The EU fund was helping enlargement, implementing and building a new 500 quadrat meter production hall.

Schriffert Commercial Bt.

62 000 small and medium-sized enterprises could be developed as a result of the EU support and funding

Hungarian firms have a potential to be successful abroad by their own ideas, development and work.