Useful advices

New application system

Entrepreneurs would be the major beneficiaries of the period lasting till 2020, as they provide the economic foundation. Their success leads to the development of Hungarian economics, so the major purpose of the new cycle is the funding of prosperous investments. It is also of utmost importance that beside large enterprises small and medium-sized enterprises could also take part in this development. The new funding system would have an outstanding role in this.

Over 34 billion Euro, that is 712 thousand Forint per capita can be reached in the 2014–2020 budgetary cycle, so Hungary got to the second place from among the EU member states considering the amount of fund per capita.

Changing for an electronic system

The major purpose of transforming was to make it simpler for the applicants to reach the funds. The applicant-friendly, standardized electronic system was formed for this reason, and as a result of it the whole system would change. The whole process, from the tenders to financing would run online, which makes more simple and transparent the application. It would not be necessary to turn to registry court or other organizations for asking each occasion the necessary data with the concord of state databases, as it would happen automatically in the future.

No undue advantage

Another positive result of the new system is the end of information privileges. This means that is someone gets earlier information of a future tender than the others, thanks to the new system would not have privilege. For equal opportunity a time limit was set up, and 30 days after calling for tender the website is closed, and the application time is open at the same time for all. This period of time is enough for everyone to assess the possibilities and apply.

Uniform system of points

As a result of this all applicants would understand the causes of the judgment, as calls for applications would clearly show the evaluation.

Change in financing

The process of financing would also change significantly. Till the payment of the 90 percent of the fund the applicant should not pay the own contribution. The investment materialized using the fund might serve as a security for a credit financing the own contribution.

Help for applicants

Financing is the basic point of starting an enterprise or the development of an already existing organization. Using own resources often makes difficult to start an enterprise, but even for active firms, development might be problematic. The Széchenyi Card Programme is helping in this. It is important that provisions and credits offered by the programme should be in accordance with the applications: low rates of interest make it possible for enterprises to put the financial emphasis on the most important field from the point of their development, while the credit types offered guarantee for everyone to find the best offer. These discounts increase the possibility of a successful application for an EU grant for small enterprises as well, For more information visit the website: a