Results and longterm purposes

What Europe has reached?

The financial cycle of 2007-2013 has brought serious challenges for EU, partly resulting from the economic crisis, partly from the joining of further ten countries to the organization of originally fifteen members.

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Purposes 2020

Stable growth is realized through increased competitiveness, creating new jobs and the growth of social justice.

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With experts' eyes

Get to know how the results of the 2007-2013 cycle are evaluated by economists Zoltán Pogátsa, Csaba László, and János Lázár, Minister of the Prime Minister's Office.

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Developing education and healthcare

Several projects financed by the EU in education and healthcare were finished recently. They had one purpose: to provide the best services for all of us.

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Business development

Until recently many of the small family enterprises could be developed and even enter the international market as a result of the EU support and funding programmes. Their success is a proof of high and persistent demand of high quality products inland and in Europe.

62 000 small and medium-sized enterprises could be developed as a result of the EU support and funding

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Tourism is an important, vital source of income in Hungary. This fact was realized by those who spared no effort and time to develop tourism in Hungary with new programs and services and make the country more attractive for travellers.

111,8 billion Forint was spent for tourism development with the help of EU funds.

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Environmental protection

It has been recognized that to do for nature protection, to preserve our environmental values by planning, developing and innovation is very important. The purpose of the Operative Programme for Environment Protections and Energy Efficiency (Környezeti és Energiahatékonysági Operatív Program KEHOP) is that economic growth based on high value-added production and job enlargement would harmonize with human life and environmental protection considering long run changes.

1319 billion Forints for environment protection programmes financed by EU

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Useful advices

In the 2014–2020 EU financial cycle Hungarian funding programmes will be changed, and its more favourable terms would motivate Hungarian entrepreneurs to venture for more.


New application system

Entrepreneurs would be the major beneficiaries of the period lasting till 2020, as they provide the economic foundation. Their success leads to the development of Hungarian economics, so the major purpose of the new cycle is the funding of prosperous investments. It is also of utmost importance that beside large enterprises small and medium-sized enterprises could also take part in this development. The new funding system would have an outstanding role in this.

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Tips for beginner entrepreneurs

As a result of the new funding system and low interest rate credits it is worth to start a new firm. Being over the decision it is helpful to consider a few advices.

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